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programs: grinding gears & rise

Still Earth offers two life-changing and life saving programs; Grinding Gears and Rise. 

Grinding Gears is a Program created by Anthony North originally designed to reach men who are struggling in silence with depression and ideas of suicide. Now, Grinding Gears has grown into a powerful program that offers suicide awareness and prevention for men and women alike.   

The Rise Program teaches your workplaces, club, team or community how to rise to become the best version of themselves. 

Still Earth can also create tailored programs to meet the wellness needs of your workplace, organisation, family or community. Contact us now to find out how.




Grinding gears is a presentation that takes its listeners through the life of an average man. That man is Anthony North.  Anthony’s story is one that tells of depression, isolation,  and a very near loss of his own life.  Sometimes funny, sometimes devastating and always moving, his story is one that many can relate to. 

Grinding Gears can be presented to any meeting at any place for any group who will allow 30 minutes of their time. Grinding Gears informs and motivates for free. All who listen will walk away with new skills and understanding about suicide, not just for themselves but for all they come in contact with. 

Grinding gears derives its name from being in that space of momentary disengagement. Many of us have experienced that space. While driving and shifting back, we get distracted by some event. We drop out of gear and now our revs are too slow or our ground speed is too fast and for a moment we can’t go up and we can’t go down. So we ram it through, grinding gears, causing more damage.

Life can be like that, things happen that cause us to miss the gear. Our momentum starts to stall. We become hyper focused on our issues and we try to force it. We slam our life forward only to find that we haven’t reconnected or recorrected and all we hear is the grinding of gears.  

We forget that it is better to roll to a careful, controlled, complete stop and start winding up a fresh.

why grinding gears

Over the last 24 hours 9 lives were lost to suicide in Australia. We will lose another 9 in the next 24 hours. 

Over the week around 1000 people will end up in hospital as a result of self-harm. In the next 7 days up to 4000 people will have presented at a hospital, health clinic or other facility in desperate need of assistance with their mental health condition.

Many fall through the cracks that would choose a different path if given new information, a tool box with new new tools and new instructions.

That tool box is GRINDING GEARS!

Research indicates that depressed and suicidal men do not come forward to seek treatment. Yet, they are likely to accept help from someone with whom they trust and respect. Likewise, men are not likely to attend an event on suicide and depression. 

Grinding Gears reaches these people that would not otherwise come forward to seek help. It achieves this goal by bringing the program to the attendees of existing events. Through Anthony North's powerful story of depression and near-suicide he reaches many who are on the brink of ending their lives themselves.



Anthony of Still Earth has partnered with many organisations to present Grinding Gears at their events, including the

Lions Club International

Paddark Auto Club

Rotary Australia

Regional Outback Health 

Jamestown Suicide Prevention Network 

Mid North Suicide Prevention Network

Executive Committee, Mid North Council


Through connecting with Anthony’s powerful story, the listeners radically connect to themselves. They find themselves suddenly understanding ways they can reenergise and reconnect to the relationships and meaning they have lost in their lives. 

Attendees of a Grinding Gears presentation frequently approach Anthony after the talk to share their stories of depression. Many admit, for the first time to anyone, that they are suicidal. This allows them to breakthrough the deadly silence and go on to seek help. 

Often an attendee will realise that their loved one is in need or may be suffering in silence. The talk gives them the tools they need to reach them.. Sometimes they go on to connect their loved one with Anthony for further conversation, mentoring or coaching. 

Grinding gears strives to reconnect you to the bigger picture and to the people in your life, and it delivers. Many who have attended the talk report that they can now recognise the symptoms, causes and effects in themselves and those around them.

Grinding Gears has an emotional, strategic connection like no other Mental health programme.

how grinding gears works 

Contact Us Now to bring grinding gears to your event 



Rise is a powerful group coaching program that can be delivered to any workplace, group or team who desire to take themselves, their teammates or their employees to the next level. The program is designed to bring all participants up to become the best they can possibly be. 

Rise can be delivered within a number of different formats; either in day-long intensive sessions, spread out in five x 2 hour sessions over five weeks, or in another form of your choosing. Each group has the option for the participants to continue with additional one-on-one coaching sessions at the conclusion of the program.


Topics of Rise include but are not limited to

  • Mindfulness training as a way to improve life skills and understanding

  • Goal setting and purpose

  • Harmony and purpose in the workplace and in the home

  • Conflict resolution

  • Dealing with anger

  • Mental Health (defining what that might look like)

  • Creating work/life balance

  • Communication

  • Perspective/Perception

  • Taking control of thought/mind in all situations

  • Awareness of the past and planning for the future

  • Looking at individual potential and learning how to put it to good use

Contact Us Now to Book your team in for Rise 

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